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Warshitna (Our Workshop) is a pilot project for students in vocational training schools in Jordan. The project is sponsored by Al Hussein Fund for Excellence in partnership and collaboration with Al Jude Organization for scientific care , and in coordination with the Vocational Training Department at the Ministry of Education. The project aims at sowing the seeds of entrepreneurship among students of vocational schools by motivating and helping them to create their own small workshops (mini-companies) under the supervision of their trainers and teachers after receiving basic training on necessary skills; like basic accounting, management and team work.


The initiative “Warshitna” includes, in this pilot phase, launching 40 projects in 12 vocational schools in Jordan. Each project will be supported with a capital of 500 JD. Students in each project form their own workshop (mimic-company) with the help and supervision of their teachers. They design, implement, market and sell their products to the local community and through public bazaars. At the end of the school year, the profit of the project is distributed between students (the biggest share) and their supervising teachers. A small percentage of the profit will go to enhancing the school and its infrastructure.


To ensure the continuity of the project in each school, the capital of each project will be relayed to the next school year to allow for a new group of 11th grade students to start their own project. This, as well, provides the school with a new additional income to enhance its environment. Students participating in Warshitna experience all stages and skills of forming a small business workshop; such as identifying a product, product design and production, marketing, financial management, resources management and team work.  They acquire through this experience many of the skills that refine and develop their personality and behavior. The project aims at promoting their entrepreneurship skills and motivates them to create their own business ventures in the future.


Warshitna involves four basic stages:

  1. An introductory workshop for principals of vocational schools, representatives of the Vocational Training Department at Ministry of Education. The objective of the workshop is to introduce the project, its objectives, general structure and stages.
  2. Nominating and determining participating schools in collaboration with the Department of Vocational Training and Department of Educational Activities at the Ministry of Education.
  3. Onsite workshops held in vocational schools to train participating students and teachers (supervisors) on the project objectives and major skills needed for the project; like small business accounting, marketing and production.
  4. Field visits to participating schools to monitor the progress of the projects and  help overcoming any emerging obstacles.

Participating Schools:

Governorate School

# of

Irbid Al Zanouji Secondary  3 Food products, seedlings, home plants
Irbid Wasfi Al Tal Secondary  2 carpentry work, electronics and communication 
Al Zarqa  Al Thelail Central Secondary  2 Food products, seedlings home plants
Al Zarqa  Al Rusaifah Vocational Secondary   4 Carpentry, metalwork, upholstery, lathing  
Al Salt  Um Jouzeh Secondary  2 Seedlings, poultry products 
Al Salt  Abdel Hafith Al Azab Secondary  4 Carpentry, metalwork, upholstery, lathing  
Al Karak  Al Hussein Secondary  3 Carpentry, metalwork, interior design
Al Karak  Prince Zaid Vocational Secondary  3 Food products, seedlings , poultry products 
Al Mafraq Al Mafraq Industrial School 3 Carpentry, metalwork, upholstery 
Amman Abu Bakr Al Razi  Secondary 3 Carpentry, metalwork, upholstery
Amman Sahab Secondary  4 Carpentry, metalwork, upholstery, lathing
Amman Hetteen Secondary  3 Food products, seedlings , poultry products 
Madaba  Jraina Vocational Secondary 2 Food products, seedlings
Madaba  Madaba Industrial  2 Carpentry, metalwork
                        Total number of projects 40


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