Al Hussein Fund for Excellence
Assessment of a Selected Number of Academic Programmes in Higher Education Institutions in Jordan

In recognition of the importance of assessing and enhancing the quality of higher education programmes, Al Hussein Fund for Excellence (HFE) conducted a set of assessment reviews for a number of academic programmes in different disciplines provided by higher education institutions in Jordan.

The HFE has adopted internationally recognized criteria based on those followed by the Quality Assurance Agency of United Kingdom (QAA). The QAA criteria were slightly adjusted to meet the developmental needs of higher education institutions in Jordan.

During the period (2001 - 2009), the HFE organized and completed assessment reviews of 83 academic programmes in 7 different disciplines involving 17 universities and 7 community colleges. At the end of each round of evaluation, review experts issued a subject overview report that sheds light on common strengths and weaknesses found in the assessed discipline. The report also lists recommendations for the enhancement of academic programmes at universities in Jordan.

This Overview Report consists of the complete set of subject overview reports, hoping that it will pave the way for HE practitioners to embark on positive aspects influencing higher education, overcome the challenges witnessed by the sector and create a sustainable and systematic approach for enhancing the quality of higher education in the kingdom.

We thus encourage researchers, stakeholders and HE professionals to further investigate the developments and improvements that were made by universities on the participating programmes in the realm of the unprecedented challenges and fast pace of changes witnessed in the higher education sector of Jordan and the world at large. 

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