Al Hussein Fund for Excellence
Strategic Planning for Quality Assurance

It is a goal of the Hussein Fund for Excellence to build capacity in quality assurance at the institutional level at the same time that it continues its tradition of building capacity in quality assurance at the program level (the latter through its external reviews of such areas as accounting, nursing, English, pharmacy, law, computer science and others planned for the future). As an initial step in building institutional capacity, the HFE has initiated a Strategic Planning for Quality Assurance exercise which will launch in July, 2006 with a training program for university teams and will conclude in early 2007 with the external review of each university’s strategic plan.


Of utmost importance in the Strategic Planning for Quality Assurance exercise is the selfevaluation process culminating in a written report which outlines not only the strategic thinking of the university for its future, but describes the process of how it created that plan, what the plan constitutes, and how the university plans to monitor its progress. Most “strategic plans” drawn up by universities do not go into the detail of describing the internal processing and monitoring necessary in this Strategic Planning for Quality Assurance exercise. Accordingly, the following
guide has been drafted to assist universities in organizing the written report.


Note that the following is an outline only and should be used in combination with materials from the July training program; guidebooks available to non-profit organizations and with examples of strategic plans found on the websites of institutions of higher education throughout the globe. A similar exercise took place in Egypt in 2005-2006. Excerpts appear throughout this guide which were derived from Egyptian institutions of higher education. Institutions may choose to rearrange the following sections to their own specifications and alter the number of suggested pages but should have a document at the end which includes the following information.

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