Al Hussein Fund for Excellence
Quality Assessment and Enhancement for Higher Education in Jordan

Al Hussein Fund for Excellence (HFE) and the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education in the United Kingdom (QAA) enjoy a close working association underwritten by a Memorandum of Understanding. This supports the exchange of information on quality assurance systems and processes in, and the sharing of experiences of their impact on, higher education. It also supports the appointment of an advisor on behalf of the QAA.


The HFE wishes to publicly acknowledge the considerable assistance provided by the QAA in the development of the method and in its sharing of its experience in subject review methods, gained over many years. This Handbook is a development of the QAA’s Subject Review Handbook (September 2000 – December 2001) published on its website at
The HFE, in developing its subject review method, has considered the range of quality assurance systems and processes being developed internationally. It wishes to acknowledge the principles of good practice represented in broad terms by the International Network of Quality Assurance Agencies in Higher Education (INQAAHE) (of which the HFE is a member) on its website at


This Handbook should be read in conjunction with related policy statements and supporting information presented on the HFE website at

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