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From the General Manager

A Welcome message from the General Manager

Dr. Ali Yaghi


I would like to first welcome you all to our website and I hope that you find the information within useful.

It is evident that the higher education sector in Jordan has gained considerable grounds, whereby policy makers, regulators and other stakeholders have developed a systematic approach to enhance the quality of Higher Education institutions in Jordan, at programme and institutional level alike. Nevertheless, and with the rapid changes and fast pace developments of the higher education sector around the globe, both policy makers and quality assurance agencies and commissions are taking bold steps to enhance the quality of higher education systems from better… to best. The international perspective of QA systems have now developed from a guideline of specific criteria to a more general infrastructure-model that takes into consideration a larger variety of factors to enhance the inputs and outputs of Higher Education at large. The concept is that we cannot arrange one surface of a rubik cube without looking at all other surfaces.

In the past ten years, the HFE has been a pioneer in exposing universities to top notch internationally recognized quality assurance standards. It has been working closely with private and public Universities in Jordan  to support them in enhancing the quality of their provisions.

Contributing to the sustainability of the quality of HE sector in Jordan is our key priority, therefore the HFE shall continue in its efforts to assist Higher Education Institutions in building centers of excellence at their Universities, through adopting up-to-date internationally recognized standards of QA on departmental and institutional level.

The HFE is currently in the process of updating its handbook “Quality Assessment and Enhancement for Higher Education in Jordan, 2005" to meet the new requirements and challenges put to our HE institutions by new policies and regulations, and also to take into consideration the broader perspective of the QA frameworks adopted by internationally renowned quality assurance agencies. Moreover, the HFE will continue developing and implementing capacity building workshops in order to assist Universities in meeting the needs of the local, regional and international job markets.

Additionally, and in line with the HFE's mandate, we shall embark on supporting research projects in various areas that contribute to the development of a knowledge based economy, and on the long-term, support technology transfer projects that contribute to the competitiveness and prosperity of Jordan.  In order to achieve the above, the HFE will work closely with the policy makers, regulators and multi-stakeholders in the Higher Education sector in Jordan to meet their requirements.

On behalf of the HFE I would like to thank all Universities that have cooperated with the HFE, and have shown keen interest to enhance the quality of their higher education programmes in the past years. I would like to also thank the quality assurance agencies that worked with the HFE for making great effort to bring the international perspective of quality assurance in higher education in accordance with our local needs. 

We hope that this year will be prosperous for all.

Ali Yaghi (Ph.D)
General Manager
2 August 2010

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