Al Hussein Fund for Excellence
Universities Workshops - Capacity Building Support

The HFE provided financial and technical support to universities with keen interest to build capacities in quality assurance of higher education at their universities and Jordanian universities at large. The key concept being that universities in Jordan work jointly in workshops to enhance the competitiveness of the higher education sector and improve the labor market efficiency in that field.


Some of these workshops:

  1. "Adherence to the standards of higher education commission, a rational way towards quality”, Al Albayt University, May 10, 2009.
  2. “Education in a changing world”, organized by College of Educational Sciences at Al Hashemiya university in collaboration with Queen Rania College of Childhood, April 7-8, 2010.
  3. “Outcome-based design and implementation of academic curriculum”, Philadelphia University, May 17-18, 2010.
  4. “Developing teaching methods in Jordanian universities”, Al Hussein Bin Talal University, December 28-29, 2010.
  5. “University management, strategic planning and scientific research”, Amman Arab University, February 22-23, 2011.
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