Al Hussein Fund for Excellence
Strategic Planning for Quality Assurance (SPQA) Project

In its pledge to enhance the overall quality and performance of higher education institutions in Jordan, the HFE in collaboration with the Center for Quality Assurance in International Education, Washington (CQAIE) – USA developed and implemented in 2006-2007 the “Strategic Planning for Quality Assurance” project.


The primary purpose of the project is to increase national capacities in institutional self-evaluation and strategic planning towards the quality improvement of higher education in Jordan.


The project adopted internationally recognized strategic planning objectives and components, and consists of three main phases:


Phase I: Strategic Planning in Quality Assurance: a workshop that aims at raising the awareness on strategic planning concepts and importance in higher education. It also casts light on the basic components and structure of a strategic plan in quality assurance for HE.


Phase II: Developing a brief guide that sets procedures and guidelines to assist participating universities in developing their strategic plans for QA.


Phase III: External Reviews, assessments and reporting on the submitted universities’ strategic plans.

The HFE held its first workshop Strategic Planning in Quality Assurance in July 2006 and was conducted by experts from CQAIE. It was attended by the heads or prospective heads of the Offices of Quality Assurance in Jordanian universities. Following the workshop, a brief guide was developed by CQAIE and was provided to all universities. The guide "Strategic Planning for Quality Assurance: A Guide to Creating the Strategic Planning Document" was provided to all universities. Participating universities were asked, accordingly,  to develop their strategic plans for the period 2007-2012.


18 universities actually participated; they developed and submitted their 5-year strategic plans. In May 2007, Strategic plans were assessed and external review visits were conducted to participating universities. Review visits were implemented by experts from CQAIE and trained representatives from local universities.


Upon the completion of the HFE-SPQA project , presidents and decision makers of participating universities were provided (in confidence) with summative and individual review reports with recommendations to enhance the quality of their strategic plans and develop enhancement plans that are in line with internationally recognized standards in strategic planning.


Finally, an overview report was compiled out of the individual reports that shed light on common outcomes and recommendations for strategic planning in higher education institutions in Jordan.


The 18 universities that voluntarily participated in this project were:

  1. Al AlBayt University
  2. Al Balqa’ Applied University
  3. Al Hussein Bin Talal University
  4. Al Isra Private University
  5. Al Zaytoonah Private University
  6. Amman Private University
  7. Applied Science Private University
  8. German Jordanian University
  9. Jerash Private University
  10. Jordan University for Science & Technology
  11. Mutah University
  12. Princess Sumaya University of Technology
  13. Tafila Technical University
  14. The Hashemite University
  15. University of Jordan
  16. University of Petra (Private)
  17. Yarmouk University
  18. Zarqa Private University


In addition, to further enhance the efforts made by universities in Jordan to establish local quality assurance offices at their campuses; the HFE provided its humble support by providing each willing university with computers and other equipment for their QA offices. Most Jordanian universities benefited from this offer. 

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